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      Welcome to Alpha Chemicals!

      We are here to supply you quality chemicals at a reasonable price. We have the capabilities to serve everyone from home users to large businesses.  All of our products can be purchased in quantities as little as 1 pound and up to truckload quantities. 

      We have been selling online since 2008 and continue to grow.  As you will see from our site, we do sell items cheaper than most.  Don't let that scare you away.  From eBay and Amazon, we have had 99+% positive reviews from thousands of buyers.  We will continue to have those sites for the time being but the lowest prices will always be found here. 

      We are adding more bulk options and new products.  If you need larger quantities of any item or you can't find something you are needing, feel free to send us an e-mail or send us a message through the contact button above.

      Below is a link to our Amazon store which will have most of our products 1-10# sizes.                


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